Attention: People Struggling With Mounting Debt

"Discover How a Thirty-One Year Old Father of Two Paid Off $100,000 in Debt With This Program"

After Years of Trying Different Plans and Schemes, This Enterprising Family Man Developed the One That Works...Now YOU Can Use It To Become Debt-Free In No Time

Dear Over-Burdened Consumer:

Are you buried, but not dead?

You and your family want things and it makes you happy to be able to get them. You work hard to provide for your family and want them to have the very best.

Somehow, along the way, payments for purchases made on credit have started to accumulate to the point that they are killing your real purchasing power. You can no longer get the things you desire because a mountain of debt stands between you and what you want.

The burden of debt gets heavier every month and it strains your budget to make minimum payments that never seem to lower the amount of your debt. You are being buried, but you are not dead.

Discover the Answer from Someone Who
Has Walked in Your Shoes

I know what it is like to fear for the future because of the burden of consumer debt. I know how it gnaws at you and diminishes the quality of your life. I know because I have experienced it.

It started with me in my first year of college. I walked by a table in the student union and noticed a pile of brochures containing credit applications.

There were department store credit applications, gas card applications, and, worst of all, Visa and Master Card applications, about twenty in all. I filled out all of them and was approved for most of them including my first Master Card.

It was fun being able to walk in anywhere I wanted and being able to buy anything I wanted. It is a powerful feeling. It didn't take me long to max out that card.

Within ten years I was using credit cards and loans to pay off other credit cards and loans and had accumulated over $100,000.00 dollars in debt – not counting my mortgage. I stopped spending like a crazy man, but I still had one serious problem:

How am I going to pay off all this debt?

Dealing With The "Experts"

I talked to bankers, loan officers, attended seminars, consulted with debt consolidation companies, and they all pretty much told me one thing: Pay off your debt with more debt.

I'm sorry, folks, but that struck me as insanity. Does it really make sense to solve your debt problem by taking on more debt?

In the mean time, my bills kept getting higher while my income remained the same. I felt like I was caught in a vice.

Is There Anything More Humiliating Than
A Call From a Collector?

Looking back now, I can actually laugh about it, but at the time, believe me, I don't think it could have been worse. I was sitting at the dinner table with some good friends when the phone rang. I took the call in the dining room. It was a collection call from one of my credit card companies.

A late fee had put me over my limit and they wanted to know what I was going to do about it. I think I actually felt myself growing smaller.

I excused myself and finished the call on a bedroom telephone. My friends had the good grace not to ask me what it was about.

I Just Worked On It Until I Found the Answer

That decided things for me. That was the turning point. I was determined to get out of debt and stay out. I owed that to myself and my family. I sat down and came up with a plan of attack:

  1. Figure out exactly what you owe, to whom, and by when.

  2. Determine how much you can pay on those debts every month.

  3. Create your plan of attack and stick with it.

Sounds simple, doesn't it? Do you know what the hardest part was?

Facing my debt. Sitting down and actually going over those figures was one of the hardest things I have ever done. But I did it, and I'm glad I did.

That simple plan is the basis of the Debt Reduction Academy. There's nothing secret about it. The devil is in the details.

I want to share with you the trials I went through along the way to becoming debt free and the hard-won techniques I developed while getting my life back from my creditors. Simple things aren't always easy.

But first...

Imagine How it Will Feel to Be Free Again...

Imagine waking up each morning without that nagging worry at the back of your mind. You have taken charge of your life, faced your problems, and conquered them.

You are debt-free, your own person.

You can look the world squarely in the eye. You have succeeded on your own terms and owe nobody nothing.

When new offers of credit come in the mail, and they will, you happily throw them in the trash. You don't need them. You are firmly in charge of your life and finances and need no help from anyone.

Imagine breaking into a smile for no reason sometimes.

The Debt Reduction Academy Was Developed
Through Cold, Hard Experience

I would like to tell you that there is a magic formula for being debt-free, but there just isn't one. After I developed my initial plan, there were pitfalls along the way.

I managed them as they came, and sometimes, I made mistakes. What makes Debt Reduction Academy truly unique is that it allows you to learn from my mistakes.

With the system I'm going to show you, you can do it all yourself. You don't need to pay someone to negotiate or settle your debts on your behalf (half of these services are little more than a scam anyway) and you won't need to qualify for a large loan to pay off all your smaller debts (which can be hard to do if you've got a bunch of outstanding debt).

If you have the courage to make the first step toward getting your life back, you will find a path that leads to freedom from crushing debt. I know these techniques work, because they worked for me. They will work for you, too. In fact, I guarantee it.

Here's How it Works...

Debt Reduction Academy is a series of assignments that come to you each week. You read them and put them into action. No, you don't have to send the assignments back in.

Debt Reduction Academy is not a school, it is a series of steps that you follow to achieve financial sanity. There is no huge upfront fee and you can quit any time you want to. I will supply the guideline to your goal, you will supply the discipline needed to get your life back on track.

Like anything else, the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. You will find no magic solutions or empty promises here. What you will find is an effective, workable method to get out of debt and stay out of debt. It worked for me and I guarantee it will work for you. It just makes sense, doesn't it?

What Can I Expect From Debt Reduction Academy?

Each week you will receive a mini-plan of action about 6-8 pages in length that represents another step to your financial freedom. It takes six months to graduate from Debt Reduction Academy. By that time you will be well on your way to being debt-free and you will have your finances fully in hand.

Here are a few things you can expect:

  • How you can find extra money every month to pay off your debts

  • Taking "inventory" of your finances

  • When debt consolidation is a good way to pay off debt and why you should almost always avoid it

  • Putting the Momentum Method™ to work on your debt

  • Convincing lenders to give you a lower interest rate, lower payment or even both

  • How to set up and follow a budget even if you HATE the idea of budgeting

  • Simple steps for improving your credit score

  • Why a mortgage isn't the great investment so many people say it is

  • How to set up an "emergency fund" for unexpected expenses (without derailing your debt payoffs)

  • Simple ways to save money on your car payment

  • How to make extra money on the internet to help pay off your debt faster

Five Financially Sound Reasons to Claim Your Membership in Debt Reduction Academy


The interest on your credit cards is costing you money as you read this.

This very instant the interest on your credit card debt is accumulating and it will continue to accumulate as long as you do nothing about it. Time is working against you.


Your credit rating is getting steadily worse.

Credit ratings aren't just for loans anymore. They affect your business and professional reputations. You may find yourself unable to get affordable insurance. Worse yet, employers often check your credit rating and that might just stop you from getting that new job or promotion you've been dreaming about.


Your Net Worth is Being Eaten Away

Every penny you pay in interest subtracts from your net worth. This is money that you will never see again and contributes absolutely nothing to you or your family's wealth. Nothing. In fact, it works against it.


Your Debt Makes Your Money Worth Less

Think about this. High interest rates discount your purchasing power. If you are paying eighteen or twenty per cent interest on a purchase, the money you spent is discounted at the same rate. And this discount is compounded on a daily basis.

The Things You Purchased on Credit Are Becoming Worth Less and Less Every Day

Not only was your money discounted at purchase, the actual value of the things you purchased is declining. What did it really cost you to drive your new car off the showroom floor? Is that new TV worth what you paid for it a year ago? Time is working against you two ways: Accumulating interest and declining worth of assets.

A Solution For the Hard Economic Times to Come

If you are like most people, the only appreciating asset you own is your home. Sad to say, home values are plummeting as we speak. Will the government plan to prop up the value of homes work?

Only time will tell.

It would be nice if it did, but it is certainly no sure thing.

Doesn't it just make sense to maximize the value of your money?

It is imperative that you take action to get out of debt and get firm financial ground under your feet. You owe it to yourself. You owe it to your family.

Those are the commitments that really count, not high-interest loans and credit card debt. Let me show you how to deal with them.

If The Debt Reduction Academy Was Free...

Would you join The Debt Reduction Academy if membership was free? What if I said you ONLY had to pay for Debt Reduction Academy if it worked for you? We'll, that's exactly what I'm going to do.

Are You Finally Tired of Riding the Misery Train?

100 Time ROI Guarantee

Here's my guarantee. If you don't think what you learn every month as a Debt Reduction Academy member will help you pay off at least $2000 in debt (that's 100X your investment) - I'll GLADLY provide a full refund within the next 60 days.

Is that fair enough?

How many times have you been offered 100 times your investment on anything?

All the risk is on me. All the benefits belong to you.

An that's the way it should be.

This Offer is Strictly Limited to 200 People

No, I'm not going to tell you that if you don't act by 12:00 midnight, I will slam the door on this offer. If you have been around the internet at all, I'm sure you have seen tactics like that.

The reason this offer is limited to 200 people is simple: That is all that my small staff and I can handle with any guarantee of competency.

When 200 people claim their membership in Debt Reduction Academy, we will close the offer until everyone completes their programs.

The Academy is filling up quickly, though. If you are serious about reclaiming your life from creditors and getting off that misery train, the time to act is now.

That just makes sense, doesn't it?

Procrastinating Will Cost You, BIG TIME!

Interest is mounting on your debt as you read this. The longer you wait, the more it will cost you. The time to protect your good name and take command of your life is right now. When there is a great deal to gain from something and nothing to lose, you need to seize that opportunity with both hands.

Why wait? Things will only get better if you act to make them better.

You know it, and I know it.

Let's not fool ourselves.

The stakes are too high.

Here is Exactly What I Am Offering You Today

Today, I am proud to offer you a membership in Debt Reduction Academy for twenty dollars a month with a guarantee of one hundred times your investment.

Just so you know what to expect, here is an outline of your first assignment:

Lesson #1 -

  • A 12-step "Getting Started" checklist broken down into easily completed action steps.

  • How to get started with the Momentum Method™

  • 5 simple steps to take stock of your current finances

  • How to start finding extra money for debt repayment

And here's the best part...

It will be available to you the very minute you take action.

OK, Let's Recap What You Have Learned

Each lesson is 6 to 8 pages long, absolutely filled with hard-won techniques that will get you out of debt in a hurry. I have cut out all the fat. What you get is a hard-hitting plan of action.

Every week, you will receive an assignment right along with your plan of action. This assignment is to aid you in full comprehension of the material. No, you don't have to “hand it in.” but you should complete it. It will help you to fully digest the material.

Each plan of action builds on the last. You start with the general plan and then move to specific actions. This gives you a sound, over-all view of what you are going to achieve along with specific landmark goals to help you get there..

You are much more likely to see results because your plan is set up in easily achievable increments. You don't have to wade through huge books or gigantic folders looking for what to do next. It is all laid out for you.

When you look back at what you have done at the end of each month, you're going to see actual progress when you put these lessons into action. More importantly, you will see your debt decrease tremendously. And that what it's really about, isn't it?

Here is Exactly What You Need To Do Right Now

First click the JOIN NOW Button on the order form below.

Second, Take out your Visa Mastercard, American Express or Discover Card and claim your membership.

It's that easy.

Claim Your Debt Reduction Academy Membership Now

Join Now While Memberships Are Still Available

Yes, I want my 6-8 page weekly lesson to learn how to get my debt paid off once and for all! I have read and agree to the legal disclaimer below.*

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Your initial charge will be $20.00. You will then be charged $20.00 per month for 2 months after your initial charge has been made.

(Even if it's 2:00 AM on a Saturday)

* Every effort has been made to accurately represent this course and its potential. Please remember that each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any financial endeavor, there is no certain guarantee that you will experience the same results as others have.

When you are out of debt, you just won't believe the weight that will fall from your shoulders. You will be free to concentrate on the important things in life, friends, family, career. Ridding yourself of the worrisome burden of excessive debt frees you in ways you won't even realize until you experience that wonderful sense of well-being.

I know I've said this before, but I cannot over-emphasize its importance:

Imagine waking up each morning without that nagging worry at the back of your mind. You have taken charge of your life, faced your problems, and conquered them. You are debt-free, your own person. You can look the world squarely in the eye. You have succeeded on your own terms and owe nobody nothing. When new offers of credit come in the mail, and they will, you happily throw them in the trash. You don't need them. You are firmly in charge of your life and finances and need no help from anyone.

You are able to pay your bills at the end of the month completely, with the bold confidence that comes with knowing that it is you who is in charge. Imagine having money at the end of the month to get the things for you and your family that really matter – to able to invest, contribute to charity, or buy things for the ones you love.

Emergencies don't frighten you any more because you are prepared for them. Imagine being able to cope financially with any curve that life throws at you.

That's what claiming your membership will do for you.

How can you afford not to?

Best Regards,

Adam Tijerina

PS - Are you putting your family at risk?

If you won't claim membership in the Debt Reduction Academy for yourself, think about your family and your responsibility to provide them with the things you've promised them. Have you lived up to your responsibilities? Have you truly don your best for them?

PPS - Have you ever wondered why so many programs are 12 weeks long? Not just the Debt Reduction Academy, but many weight loss, stop smoking and other similar programs?

PPS - Are you going to wait until things get even worse?

Just turn on the TV, or click on any financial website. What do you see? Do you honestly expect things to get better soon? Are you going to wait until your debt grows exponentially, until it gets totally unmanageable? A wise man once said that insanity was doing the same old things and expecting different results. Don't fool yourself. You need to take action and you need to take action now.

PPPS - Get started right now

Why are you procrastinating? You know that you have to do something! That debt isn't going to go away by itself, it will grow larger on its own and eventually consume the good things in your life.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. How would if feel not to worry about payments due at the end of the month?
  2. How would it feel to know that you could deal with emergency car repairs if they came up?.
  3. How would it feel to be able to take that vacation your family wants so badly?
  4. How would it feel to actually be able to buy that new car you've been looking at instead of just driving by and wishing for it?
  5. How would it feel not to have to hide your true financial state from people you care about?

Now ask yourself this question?

Why am I not doing anything about it?

The time to act is now.

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